Wild about Chemistry

The future looks bright for the University of York’s Department of Chemistry, thanks to a generous matching gift from alumnus Dr Anthony H Wild.

Dr Wild, a leading businessman and philanthropist, has been a long-time supporter of Chemistry at York. In October 2016 Dr Wild visited campus to renew his support to his former department through a major new pledge, which will help to leverage significant support for research and infrastructure projects across chemical and structural biology and atmospheric chemistry. His donation will also help to support future generations of students through the creation of a new teaching facility.

The University of York’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Koen Lamberts said: “The support from Dr Wild really does transform what we do here at the University of York.  It helps us to raise our aspirations and unlock other sources of funding for our research and teaching.”

Dr Wild was instrumental in establishing the internationally recognised Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories, and in 2015 encouraged more than 120 alumni and friends of the Department of Chemistry to support the Department’s 50th anniversary in aid of undergraduate internships and postdoctoral fellowships.

In all, Dr Wild’s support over the past eight years has helped to leverage more than £30m in external funding for the University in priority areas.

Student Madeline Hartley, who has received funding through the Wild Scholarships programme said, “This award allowed me to study at York without having to worry as much about finances. It was also a huge confidence boost – proving to me that someone believed I was good enough and that has been really important.”

The Department of Chemistry’s success in both teaching and research has been enhanced significantly through Dr Wild’s support.”

Professor Koen Lamberts, Vice-Chancellor and President