We called, you answered…

Our spring telethon started in February, and it’s been an exciting few weeks in the call room for our students. The generosity of our alumni in giving their time and money has been inspiring, and we are delighted to announce that over £82,000 was raised – thank you! These donations will go towards fantastic projects on campus and beyond, such as the Equal Access Fund, Achieving Excellence Bursaries and YuFund.

The callers have had the pleasure of speaking to alumni from all backgrounds, and have thoroughly enjoyed the memories and stories they’ve shared. These stories inspire our students to explore new fields of work, volunteering opportunities and even international experiences. Some of them are also encouraged to join new sports clubs or societies. Previous student callers have gone on to become everything from fundraisers to scientists.

It’s fascinating to speak to alumni who have been where we are now and to hear their stories! And of course, it’s all for an excellent cause.”

YuCall Student Fundraiser

This term, we invited current scholarship recipients – some of them friends and classmates of our student callers – to visit the call room and share their experiences of receiving valuable funding from generous alumni and friends. This allowed the scholars and the student callers a unique opportunity to share stories about their time at York and to understand the often life-changing difference a bursary or scholarship can have.

“I love working for YuCall because it gives me the opportunity to find out more about what the University was like in the past, and to get some careers advice from someone who is already in the job world.”

YuCall Student Fundraiser

Did you know?

  • Achieving Excellence Bursaries help students at York access vital employability skills, through easing their financial pressures and allowing them to embark on work experience, volunteering and international opportunities.
  • YuFund supports a range of amazing student projects across campus through the provision of grants. These projects help both our local and international community, such as Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, which provides free fitness facilities on campus to students with mental health needs.

Other amazing projects supported have been the Bridge Scholarships, Equal Access Fund, Physics Futures and Friends of the Library and Archives.