The future is here… thanks to you!

You have helped 21 more students to make their mark on the world

Your generosity has meant that this year 21 more bright students have been given a chance to do more than just study.

In September 94 students entering their second year heard the good news that their hard work, passion and involvement had been recognised by the scholarship awarding panel. That’s 21 more than last year. They bring the number of York Futures scholars at York to 167.

Thanks to you, their alumni ‘bank of mum and dad’, they have got involved in some amazing things that would simply have been out of reach without their scholarship. And for many of them, you’ve given headspace, and freedom from some of their worries.

The extra motivation, financial security and confidence that you have given them shines through.

Meet our scholars


Lucy who is in her third year of Philosophy, not only created a new society: STAR (Student Action for Refugees) which she chairs, but was one of the keynote speakers at the STAR National Conference in London which was attended by members of the UN and the British Red Cross. She spoke about how to put on fundraising events. The scholarship paid for trains to London.
She will be using some of her scholarship money to attend Arabic lessons this year, with the hope of going on to do a Masters in International Development and Arabic after her undergraduate degree.

“This funding has opened up many opportunities that were once closed off to me, as it has removed my need for full time work in the holidays. I can now dedicate all of my efforts towards my goal to work in International Development.”

Lucy, second year York Futures Scholar


Kate, in her second year of History, has been able to gain vital skills and capabilities in the school environment through volunteering with the York Students in Schools programme, as well as being a Student Ambassador. You’ve made that possible for her.

This scholarship will provide a sense of security as it allows money to be spent on my professional development without the worry of having to save all my money for essentials including food and housing.”

Kate, second year York Futures Scholar


Alex’s second year Chemistry degree involves an immense workload, so part-time work is almost impossible. He is passionate about being an active part of the scientific community. His scholarship will help him fund an unpaid summer research job at the University of Bangor working with a team on natural product extraction – in search of the potential next generation of anti-malarial drugs from daffodil bulbs. Your support will cover his daily travel costs from his home in North Wales.

My love of science began in year seven when I was first introduced to the subject of Chemistry by my teacher, Mr Jordan. He was a fan of fiery demonstrations and had a passion for the subject… Chemistry became a hobby and things have grown from there”

Alex, second year York Futures Scholar

The ripple effect from the scholarship holders grows for them personally and for the organisations that they’re involved with. Thank you!