The Big Alumni Project

How your giving is making a big impact on campus

Your support for student opportunities at York has always made an enormous impact, helping students develop their skills, innovate and inspiring them to help others.

Over the past 10 years, you have given over 400 student and department projects the chance to improve the York experience for many thousands of people. This would not have been possible without your support. Thank you.

To mark the support that you and thousands like you have given to the York community over the years, this spring we’re doing something special to show the impact alumni together can have.

We wanted to do something…big.

The Big Alumni Project is new this year, and will enable a transformational change through one staff or student project that will be possible all because of your support.

The below three projects have been shortlisted based on their ability to create significant change to the largest number of York students over the longest period of time, and to highlight to students and staff the impact of your continuing support.

You can watch YUSU Activities Officer, Mikey Collinson express his thanks to you below.


You have made this possible so we would like you to let us know which project you think would make the biggest difference. Thank you, your views are really important to us.

Read their profiles, watch their videos, and vote now to have your say!

Voting will be open until the end of March, and the winner will be announced at a ceremony in April.

The Finalists

URY – The Big Campus Sound Project

“We want to redevelop our studios in Vanbrugh in order to provide a safer, higher quality and more reliable recording experience for our members, as well as opening our facilities to the wider University audience. Multimedia is such an integral part of our lives – let’s make it accessible to everyone!”

Library – Welcome to the Library

“We aim to completely redevelop the Morrell Lounge to provide a welcoming, visually striking, comfortable, flexible space for all users. The Library is perhaps the most popular destination on campus and not only welcomes students and staff but external visitors too. We want all visitors to have a space that’s inspiring and works for them on a practical level.”

PhotoSoc – The University of York Studio

“The University of York Studio aims to improve collaboration between societies. An accessible high-quality studio with a secure smart locker system and photographic equipment and the establishment of an online image database. If you want to make sure that everyone is able to tell their stories visually, then please vote for us!”