‘Thank you’

York Futures Scholarships are helping many students from low income families who would otherwise struggle to fund the wider experiences that can make them stand out from the crowd.

Their CVs look thin, though they are no less bright or no less capable. They simply need a couple of jobs to see them through university, so with their studies that doesn’t give them much time for anything else.

But now, thanks to your support for the York Futures Scholarship programme, we can give vital support to ensure that these students from low income families have the same access to opportunities as their peers.

This extra support (a modest £35 weekly) helps to bridge the gap between student loans and the cost of living, giving students financial stability to build on their skills and capabilities, and empowering them to embark on their own career journey.

Your generosity gave over 140 students at York the benefit of a York Futures Scholarship this academic year. Your response to our summer appeal will mean that 21 more students will have support in 2017/18, thanks to our alumni (and friends) ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’.

Your gifts go beyond graduation

This summer we introduced many of you to Nikki, who received a York Futures Scholarship in her second and third years. We are delighted that she has achieved a first class honours degree in Psychology, and after a busy summer placement with a cognitive stimulation group in the local NHS, Nikki will be continuing her studies. She has been accepted to study for a Masters in Clinical Psychology, the next step in her career plan. She attributes her success to the breadth of opportunity that you helped her to access.

Without that stepping stone, I wouldn’t have gained half of my experiences at university. Thank you!”

Nikki, Scholarship student, graduated July 2017