If you’ve graduated in the past five years, you’re part of an ever-growing community of incredibly generous people who are far more supportive of York than recent graduates of other universities – the stats show it

Your support now may be helping students that you were at York with, and there are very few greater legacies to leave behind at York than helping to give students who are in the same position as you were the chance to succeed. Thank you so much!

“In January 2018 the University of York attracted almost 3,000 runners and volunteers to take part in a 5k Campus East run on Saturday mornings. At 9am every Saturday, a generous mixture of community members, staff and students now all come together to run, get fitter and improve their mental health and wellbeing. On behalf of parkrun and the Heslington Parkrun team, I would like to personally thank you for supporting and funding health and wellbeing schemes. The positive feedback and weekly smiles we parkrun volunteers experience from the community, staff and students is as of a result of your support.”

Emily Hearle, Sports Development Manager