Paying tribute on campus

The University’s new Tribute Garden and Diamond Wood allows us to fondly remember and commemorate our loved ones in the beautiful York grounds.

If you are interested in creating a memorial to a relative, friend or colleague on York’s campus, the University’s tribute giving webpages are now live. We can help you leave a lasting memorial to a life or a special event, and at the same time support current or future students.

Every tribute at the University of York includes a commemoration in our Tribute Garden and a tree planted in the beautiful Diamond Wood. We also invite you to add a short summary of the reasons behind the tribute to our online Record of Tribute and to hold a short ceremony to unveil the commemoration if you wish. Commemorations can take the form of a boulder or a beautifully-sculpted plaque in the shape of a leaf.

Part of the gift you give to create your tribute will go towards supporting future generations of York students through our scholarships and bursaries.