Invest in talent

Thanks to your support, our postgraduate community are collaborating to push back the boundaries of knowledge and to improve the world we live in

York is recruiting and retaining the brightest students for postgraduate study, and your support is helping them to meet the challenges they face.

Funding remains an obstacle for many, particularly those from lower income families, mature students and carers. Postgraduate study is essential to develop the specialist skills and knowledge needed to create the doctors, educators, business leaders and researchers that our society needs to survive and flourish.

elizabethThe Norman Hampson Scholarship has given me great confidence in my work. Studying for my MA at York means that I will be well-equipped to deal with the challenge of balancing academic study with practical placements.”

Elizabeth (History), Norman Hampson Scholar

In 2015/16 philanthropic gifts from generous donors like you have enabled the University to make nearly 40 financial awards to support the best students to transition to postgraduate study.

justinFor me the Bridge Fund scholarship has meant that I can maintain a work-life balance, rather than having to take up a part-time job to make ends meet. Without the Fund I would not have been able to come into the lab with a clear head, and would not be in the position to publish my dissertation.”

Justin (Biology), Bridge Fund Scholar

Several of these awards were made through the Bridge Fund, which has been set up specifically to provide a vehicle for those of you who wish to provide scholarships of £5,000 to cover the living costs of a postgraduate student. Several of you have also set up scholarships in memory of colleagues and loved ones to honour them and their association with the University.

17 scholars have been funded thanks to our bridge fund donors:

  • David and Sara Dickson
  • Ede & Ravenscroft Ltd
  • Patrick and Christine Shepherd
  • Lesley Wild
  • John and Dorothy Lawton
  • Patricia and Charles Renfro
  • John Murrell
  • Ruth Lea
  • Kenneth Wild
  • Greg Dyke
  • John Witherow
  • Caroline Thomson