Inspiring excellence

Thanks to your generosity, the University of York was able to offer bursary support to over 120 undergraduate students during 2015/16

This academic year 120 undergraduates at York have benefited from your support. Awards have ranged from those funded by our individual and corporate donors, including awards in the York Law School (Hogan Lovells Bursaries and Bridge to the Future Law Award) and the Department of Mathematics (Annie Curry Williamson Scholarships), to awards funded by the combined support of our regular donors through YuFund, including the YuFund Entrance Bursaries offered in the School of Nursing and Midwifery.

As well as supporting students on specific degree courses, bursaries are also available for those from lower income backgrounds who have overcome significant personal or social barriers to entering higher education, in the form of the York Opportunity Awards, and for those who demonstrate a commitment to developing their employability alongside their academic studies, in the form of the Achieving Excellence Bursaries.

Philanthropic gifts from donors like you are helping the University achieve its goal of ensuring that financial hardship is not a barrier to education for its undergraduate students. It is also inspiring our undergraduates to strive for excellence in their academic and extracurricular activities, by creating opportunities for them to consider future employability as part of an all-round university education.

samira-fernandesThe support of York’s donors has helped me to be the first generation in my family to be on the path to becoming a lawyer. I hope to be able one day to provide similar support to students in my position.”

Samira, third year undergraduate


Achieving Excellence Bursaries give students the chance to seize career and volunteering opportunities by bridging the gap between student loans and the cost of living. Financial barriers can make it particularly difficult for students from lower income backgrounds to gain relevant work experience and skills.


Receiving the YuFund Entrance Bursary helped me during a difficult transition. I had embarked on a new career path as a nurse, my one-year-old son required additional childcare, and I needed to purchase essentials for learning. The Bursary helped immensely. I was able to pay for childcare, purchase a laptop and books. Having a laptop has been an incredible help as the majority of learning materials we access are online. The course is really challenging me in new and exciting ways, and the learning experiences are varied and ever-changing, reflecting the developing needs of our health service. Studying nursing and practising has reinforced to me why I entered this profession: to care for those who are vulnerable and challenge social inequality in healthcare. Thank you for your invaluable financial help and moral support.”

Kate, student nurse


The York Opportunity Awards were established through a generous donation from York alumnus Peter Whelpton to provide support to talented undergraduate students who have the academic potential to study at York, and who have overcome significant barriers to their educational goals.

I give to Achieving Excellence Bursaries regularly because I know it is financially harder for students now than when I was at York. I know that my gift helps students achieve their potential and go on to do fantastic things.”

Stephen Edwards, alumnus and donor