In recognition of transformational support

The Salters’ Learning Suite is named to celebrate 100th year of Institute

The University of York has celebrated the impact of philanthropy on its Department of Education by naming the south side of the top floor of our Spring Lane Building the Salters’ Learning Suite, in recognition of the transformational support of the Salters’ Institute in its 100th anniversary year.

The Salters’ Institute, the flagship charity of the Salters’ Company (one of the Great 12 City of London Livery companies), has supported science education at York for over 35 years as part of its mission to play a major role in the promotion of chemistry teaching, and in encouraging young people to pursue careers in industries that use chemistry and chemical engineering. The Institute has in particular given generous funding to the University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG) and the Salters’ Professor of Science Education (currently Professor Judith Bennett).

UYSEG, led by Professor Bennett, aims to make a sustained positive impact on the outcomes of both formal and informal science education through high quality research, the development and evaluation of research-informed curricula that illustrate the importance of science, and the training and support of practitioners

A group including Professor Michael Reiss, Master of the Salters’ Company, visited campus and the Spring Lane Building on Wednesday 21 March to celebrate the naming and its centenary year.