Celebrating Philanthropy across our Campus

Building a legacy for future generations

Our mission is not only to facilitate even more wonderful ways in which our donors and friends can choose to support our campus, our students and our research, but also to ensure we celebrate and shout about it!

So we have created a student-led tour dedicated to telling tales of philanthropy across our campus, highlighting the many projects your donations have supported, as well as the people behind some of its most special and well-loved spaces. 

The Quiet Place
The Singing Stone, outside the Department of Music


This Philanthropy Tour, introduced in 2017, offers an alternative view of the way our campus has evolved. It includes highlights such as the inspiring Singing Stone Sculpture, funded by our former Chancellor, Dame Janet Baker, and the late John Tilney. Unveiled in 2015, the 20 feet high granite mass of Singing Stone is located outside the Department of Music, with the words carved into its face taken from W B Yeats’ poem, The Cloths of Heaven. Other notable features include the model Solar System which straddles Campus East and Campus West – starting from Mercury, located at the Astrocampus, and finishing with Pluto at Constantine College on Campus East – and Greg’s Place (previously Vanbrugh Piazza).

I never knew how many amazing stories there were behind some of the sites on campus – places I visit every day but just 

take for granted. I love sharing these stories with our visitors and my friends. I would go as far as to say it should be part of every York student’s induction to learn 

about the people who are supporting us. Maybe when I graduate I will be in a position to do something for the next generation too!”

Owen Hurford, Computer Science student
and Philanthropy Tour Guide