Brighter futures because of you

The York Futures scholarships programme helps students to develop their employment potential. Thank you for investing in their futures

Each student at the University of York should be able to take opportunities when they are offered them, to excel academically at their chosen subject, to make an impact on their own lives and the lives of those around them in the university community and beyond. Each student aspires to graduate with a firm foundation of work experience, academic success, and the confidence to pursue their goals.

Students from lower income backgrounds don’t necessarily have the same freedom as their peers to invest in their futures. They are often hindered by financial constraints, as the work placements on offer are unpaid or require expensive travel. These students can be held back as they simply don’t have the free time to participate in activities due to a commitment to one or more part-time jobs. Sometimes, they just don’t have people around them to provide a helping hand.

You are changing that situation

“The York Futures Scholarship funded my place at a NERC-funded 10-week summer placement with the Environment Department under the project title ‘Managing Soil Nitrogen Availability: Do Earthworms Play A Role?’ The results I found were presented at the European Geosciences Union conference, of which I was accredited as a co-author.”

Ryan Carter, MBiol in Biology

The York Futures scholarship partners philanthropy with a focus on personal and professional development. Through the York Futures scholarship, students are able to experience life at York to its fullest. York Futures scholars are remarkable individuals, career-minded, and aware of the world around them long before being granted a scholarship. Your gifts give these students the opportunity to realise this potential, furthering their employability and personal development, securing their success after graduation.

“It has given me confidence, belief in myself and the drive to make the most out of every opportunity that comes my way.  Without the York Futures scholarship, I wouldn’t feel anywhere near as equipped or prepared to enter the world of work as I do now. Donors like you really can change someone’s future prospects for the better.”

Rose Anne Evans, BA in French and German

“The scholarship also allowed me to accept an offer to present a poster of my dissertation at the Prehistoric Societies Europa 2018 conference, as without it I would have struggled to afford the costs. This was a really important step towards my goal of becoming a researcher, as it showed the potential I have and the level of my work, and it would not have been possible without the scholarship.”

Megan Leake, MSc in Bioarchaeology

York Futures Scholars  have been involved in so many incredible projects and events that it would be difficult to collate them all here. Thanks to you they’ve been able to travel the world, including placements and volunteering in Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Japan and more. Our scholars have been able to invest their time heavily into their degree, successfully applying for placements within the university or in different universities across the world. They are given the freedom to dedicate their time to their degree, allowing them to go to every lecture, buy the necessary resources, and go on research trips to further their academic passions. As individuals, the York Futures scholars have become friendly faces on campus and in York, volunteering in a variety of different and important projects.

“The biggest impact the scholarship has had on me this year has been the vote of confidence. Knowing that there are people who believe my work is something worth endorsing has pushed me further in fighting for the rights of refugees on campus.”

Lucy Shearer, BA in English and Philosophy

The donations you make to the York Futures Scholarship go a long way to secure a student’s life here at York, but your support also extends into the city community through the multitude of student projects that interact with residents of York. It encourages them to seek out opportunities within the university, focusing their time on their studies and giving them extra time to invest in societies and projects that invigorate York’s culture of student activism and participation.

“The donations are about so much more than the monetary value, as investing in students like myself gives us a real feeling of empowerment to go and pursue success in all that we do. Although you can never be thanked enough for your generous support, scholarships make significant differences and are appreciated far more than words can do justice to.”

Thomas Farrell, BA in History