Achieving Excellence Bursaries

“I’ve been so encouraged at the thought of a total stranger believing in me”

Achieving Excellence Bursaries are one way in which you can make a lasting impact on student learning and development.

Student Bethany Dimmock is just one of the 70 young people you’ve helped this year with an Achieving Excellence Bursary.  University wasn’t an obvious option for her, and having reached her goal of getting to York you’ve enabled her to thrive. She’s now reaching the end of her final year of a Psychology degree, and your support has been inspirational to her.

Receiving my Achieving Excellence Bursary reflected the effort I’ve put in to becoming a well-rounded individual.  Thank you for making this possible.  You’ve helpful me to focus on my studies and pursue volunteering experiences and extra-curricular activities, when this time may have been spent elsewhere, such as working.

Besides helping fund the day-to-day finances of studying for a degree, my scholarship has enabled me to take up great opportunities, like working as a PR and Media volunteer for the charity Missing People, and travelling to London for a networking event in the publishing sector. As a Student Ambassador, I also work with students who may face social or personal barriers to higher education.

Because of you I feel my future is a positive one, and I’ll graduate with fond memories of all that my scholarship has enabled me to discover about myself and others around me during my degree. You may not realise how important your gift is to students at York. But because of your help, a world of opportunity has opened up for me. Thank you.

Bethany Dimmock
Psychology undergraduate
Achieving Excellence Bursary holder