A touch of magic

You’ve made magic possible in the Library as we introduce an innovative display tool

Thanks to our Friends of the Library and Archives (FoLA) York will soon be home to only the third Magic Touch Kiosk in the UK.

The Magic Touch Kiosk is an innovative display tool that will allow University of York’s rare books and archives to be made available in a completely new way.

Providing an interactive experience for all

At the moment all exhibition material is displayed in cases, static and ‘look only’. The Kiosk will provide an interactive experience for visitors, enabling them to turn pages, zoom in, and receive far more information that can be made available through an exhibition caption. Sound, video, and animation can be loaded into the kiosk giving the capacity to provide a multi-sensory approach to exhibitions of rare books and archives.

Archives can be viewed for the first time

The kiosk also means that fragile material, which cannot normally be shown or accessed, can be displayed safely. The Magic Touch software is in use all over the world, however in the UK, only the British Library and the University of Lancaster are using it.

Thanks to your support York is embracing a new technology which will be of benefit to visitors, staff, and the extensive rare books and archives collections that the University curates.

If you’re not currently a member, you can join the Friends of the Library and Archives here and receive invitations to behind the scenes tours and regular events.